Welcome to Writing for Recovery!

My name is Marn Norwich, and I offer creative writing workshops for people who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

I teach on-site at your rehabilitation centre, privately and in venues throughout the Lower Mainland.

My goal as facilitator is to offer the writing process as a means to support participants to unlock their creative potential and increase their capacity for self-reflection.

Scientific studies demonstrate that writing plays a significant role in physical and psychological healing. Benefits include: reduction in anxiety, depression and blood pressure; and improved cognitive function, sleep, social connection and immunity.

Whether participants choose a twelve-step-based recovery program, a SMART recovery program or another avenue, my classes provide a powerful asset in the journey to recovery.

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“Marni Norwich’s natural ability to create a supportive environment conducive for creative writing is simply unparalleled!”

Caroline Crowe, Librarian, Vancouver Public Library

“I have taught alongside Marni Norwich for the past seven years, primarily in recovery centres. Marni not only brings a wealth of knowledge to her classes but a spirit and empathy which allows room for people to express their innermost voices without hesitation. Marni creates this wonderful space consistently. Her dedication to her work shows in her preparation, her interaction and her follow-up. I recommend Marni’s classes for anyone wanting to add an extra tool to their healing kit. ”

Bonnie Nish MA, Arts Education
Executive Director
Pandora’s Collective Outreach Society
“Promoting The Arts That Inspire The World To Take Notice Of Itself”