Writing for Trauma + Recovery Workshops

I facilitate Writing for Trauma + Recovery workshops on-site at your centre or out of the beautiful studio at Creative Coworkers.

I provide curriculum, writing prompts and a safe, respectful environment geared to empower participants to express themselves with courage, confidence and creativity.

My classes support participants to:

  • remember their creative potential
  • explore their (recovery) journeys through written and verbal expression
  • remember their strength, power, courage, joy and inspiration
  • listen to and support each other
  • break through blocks
  • continue to write with new or renewed inspiration

In my classes, creative writing becomes a vehicle to empower people to connect with themselves and each other at a core level and in a dynamic setting.

Scientific studies demonstrate that writing plays a significant role in physical and psychological healing.

“Emotional writing” – closely related to the writing that occurs in my workshops –  is scientifically proven to reduce anxiety, depression and blood pressure; and improve overall wellbeing, cognitive function, work efficiency and immunity.

Workshop components include:

  • Themed brainstorming
  • Group writing
  • Guided visualization
  • Creative writing games and exercises
  • Group and partner dialogue
  • Optional non-critical sharing of writing
  • Take-away concepts for home practice
  • Contextualization of activities through creativity/empowerment framework

Customized curriculum

Customized curriculum development available for your organization


Ongoing or one-time  workshops at your venue are generally two hours long with a break.

Courses at Creative Coworkers are structured as a  four-part series of two-hours each.

One-on-one sessions are tailored to your requirements and offered on a flexible, as-needed basis.

My guarantee

I provide dynamic, inspiring workshops with a safe, respectful environment conducive to creative exploration and expression.

Participants leave my workshops with an array of take-home tools to foster self-empowerment through self-connection and creative expression.


Participants in my workshops are engaged and inspired. They write and create from the heart and demonstrate courage in their willingness to share their creative outpouring with their peers. I am delighted by the considerable capacity for creative engagement demonstrated by participants over the years.

 My goal

My goal is to provide structure, concepts and a foundation for participants to learn new skills and tools for self-connection and creative expression. I believe that true wellness of body and mind arises through clear understanding of ourselves and that written self- expression is a means toward internal alignment and health.

“I have never seen a training with such lasting impact! Thanks again for taking such great care to respond to our needs.”

Astarte Sands

Volunteer Resources Coordinator